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More “New York City Values” Closely Resemble Anarchy


Because it just isn’t fair to have illegally given them welfare, loads of entitlements, allowed them to vote, and educated them for free, and not to hire them to teach your kids and treat your illnesses…

(Breitbart) – Illegal immigrants the Obama administration has shielded from deportation and permitted to work will now be able to apply for teaching, medical, and other professional licenses in the state of New York.

New York’s Board of Regents permanently adopted regulations on Tuesday that open eligibility for professional licenses to illegal immigrants granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) via President Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty program.

“Today thousands of young people across the state have gained new opportunities,” Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa said in a statement. “Their futures are no longer restricted in New York.”

The Regents initially approved the regulation changes in February, pending a comment period. Tuesday’s move set the regulation changes in stone, allowing illegal immigrants granted DACA access to the 53 professional licenses offered by the state’s Education Department.


Not all New Yorkers are in favor of granting professional licenses to illegal immigrants. Some Republicans in the state, according to USA Today, petitioned against the plans, highlighting that it is unfair that out-of-state professionals — particularly the spouses of military personnel — continue to face hurdles to licenses and legal practice in New York.


NYC goes 31 Flavors with gender recognition … or else!

(The DC) – Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of which allow them to fluctuate between some version or combination of male or female identities.

Businesses that don’t respect and accommodate an individual’s chosen gender identity risk incurring six-figure fines under rules implemented by the city’s Commission on Human Rights.

The list of protected gender identities is available online and includes options such as “gender bender,” “two spirit,” “third sex,” “androgynous,” “gender gifted,” and “pangender.” A city official speaking on background confirmed to The Daily Caller that all of the listed identities are protected by the city’s anti-discrimination laws, but said that the list was not exhaustive.

The city does not provide definitions of the various gender identities, but TheDC was able to define several of them from glossaries provided online by the University of Wisconsin and the University of California Berkeley.


The full list of gender identities can be viewed online in a document provided by the city’s Commission on Human Rights.

The city’s gender identity guidance was issued in December but has been the subject of ongoing media attention in the past week. As noted by law professor Eugene Volokh, businesses can be fined up to six figures for knowingly using the “wrong” pronouns to refer to a customer or employee…..


Train engineer isn’t legally allowed to drive motor vehicles

New York aims to lessen penalties for crimes from littering to public drinking

New York City Mayor Plays the Real Estate Game

As investigations of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration deepen, his denials and obfuscations are becoming increasingly disconnected from reality.


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