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The Media’s Mission to Demonize Concerned Patriots as we are “Fundamentally Transformed” Away from The Constitution


Liberal WaPo’s Kevin Sullivan: Primed to fight the government –
A fast-growing U.S. movement armed with guns and the Constitution sees a dire threat to liberty
expectantly feeds the drive-by lazy-minded sheeple in the comments section with a warped look at the growing concerns in this nation with an out of bounds and out of control federal government that has seen so much unprecedented overreaching by all involved at every branch, and a deconstruct of the separation of powers and a neutering of the judiciary and the legislative branches from the imperialization of the Oval Office desk. Granted, the ‘prepper’ subject, “B.J. Soper”, of this long missive is far more ‘actively’ alarmed and serious than the next guy about the present concerns I listed above. But it cannot be denied that the federal government is now governing without the consent of the governed. So bad is it that the White House is ‘decreeing’ laws that override individual states’ rights and laws and sovereignty. Ordering all schools to allow “transgender” inclusion in gender-designated facilities by using blackmail and extortion of those states’ and their schools’ already paid into taxes to the damn federal coffers. Equating all of this to the ‘civil rights’ of 1960s black Americans is total manipulative crap.

The fining and threatening of jail to bakers/photographers/wedding locations for refusing service to anyone based on their religious beliefs (and while NOT enforcing such of, say, Muslim businesses who do the same) equals ‘weaponizing’ the federal government departments. And that is all this administration has done since day 1, weaponize the government against the people on every level. Don’t follow the Michelle Obama meal decree in your school? Have your tax dollars withheld as ‘federal funding’ refused and also now be ‘fined’. Want to do something with the pond or creek or stream or ditch on your property, have the EPA on your back and in your wallet. And these are just a few things the people in the WaPo comments section chuckle at.

Well, as “Matt Hooper” said, ” I think that I am familiar with the fact that you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the ass…”

“We the People” are no longer ‘feared’ by this government, and Thomas Jefferson warned about the ramifications of this over 200 years ago. Agree with the Soper family or not, it is time people woke up and realized we have made and place this yoke around our necks, and it is only going to get tighter and the federal government reigns shorter and shorter, especially if a Bernie or Hillary (to be sure), or maybe even a stealthy Trump (?), is handed those reigns. We really are to blame for this mess, and demonizing the people who rightly see a possible “Venezuela”-like path for our nation is just a deflection and distraction tool used by people who want this country ‘fundamentally’ gutted to their liking and making.

BTW, those in the WaPo comments are scoffing at people who read and uphold the U.S. Constitution as no more than the radical jihadists and their Koran reading/following. THAT is even more, if possible, horrifically asinine than the moral equivalency bend-over-backward stretch of open “transgender” bathroom use to the black civil rights movement. And claiming all this federal government opposition only came about since ‘black’ Obama was elected in 2008 is complete horseshit. The American people have a primary and foremost right to oppose their government. This nation was founded on that cornerstone principle. It was fine when the left did it for years from post WWII, through the 50s and 60s on through today. Their problem now is that more and more people see what is being done and the road ahead and are rightly concerned, not “afraid” … very concerned.


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