The Democrat Party’s Dirty Laundry is Reeking

The media attention has been on Donald Trump’s very successful outsider takeover of the GOP primary campaign and coming out as the “presumptive” nominee ahead of a much-anticipated contested convention. However, the tensions between the establishment GOP and Trump has almost reached mutual understanding, with some coming out in support of the businessman turned politician. To screw him over now at the convention would be suicide for the possibility of a republican win in November. The possibility of Donald Trump sticking it to the GOP as a third-party candidate is not just some crazy talk. The voters who have invested their support in Trump these last several months would follow him anywhere … As would democrat voters supporting Bernie Sanders.

You see, with the media’s attention on Trump and the republican inner tug-of-war, they have dismissed and buried two key democrat topics, Hillary Clinton’s borrowed time scandals that would have anyone else eyeballs-deep in legal shit, and the huge rip in the democrat party fabric as she battles the Die-Hard Bunny Bernie from Vermont. As fanatic as Trump supporters sometimes seem, Sanders supporters are just as vocally and physically resolute about their guy … and loathe the establishment democrat party for not only disrespecting and dismissing them and Sanders, but for the “fixed” and crooked “Super-Delegates” who automatically have gone to give Hillary her delegate lead over the Vermont socialist, even though he keeps winning states in primaries.

dems nv

At the Nevada convention the other day there were loud “boos” birds for arrogant democrat establishment leadership, as well as lots of chairs and things to throw at the smug democrat party dictatorship stance.

You see, as much as the LMSM want to giggle and cheer over the GOP tensions,. the democrat party just might be in worse shape and danger of party collapse, for all the media’s looking the other way…

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Contentious supporters of the two rivals for the Democratic nomination turned the selection of Nevada’s national delegates this weekend into a virtual battlefield, with the chairman gaveling the proceeding to a peremptory close and fleeing the stage while armed guards cleared the meeting venue.

The spectacle of Democratic Party officials railroading through a ruling favorable to Hillary Clinton while denying certification to some 58 Bernie Sanders delegates to the state convention comes on top of charges that caucuses and primary votes around the country have been manipulated to beef up Clinton’s much-touted lead in national delegates.

Democrats have reason to worry that similar chaos could overtake a contested national convention in July as the strong-arm tactics of party officials from Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on down provide little incentive for Sanders or his supporters to go quietly into the night.

In fact, as the federal investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server for official emails continues to loom over her campaign, Democrats are risking a perfect storm combining the chaos of their 1968 convention in Chicago and the creeping disclosure that overtook Richard Nixon’s Committee for the Re-Election of the President. […]

How ironic, the Nixon parallels between Nixon and Clinton, given Hillary was fired from the House Judiciary Committee staff by Jerry Zeifman for a fraudulent Watergate brief, in addition to far less than honest practices/maneuvers during her work with the committee.

Hopefully the GOP/RNC are paying attention to the cracking sound coming from the democrat party and get their own shit together fast in order to get the win in November.


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2 comments on “The Democrat Party’s Dirty Laundry is Reeking

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  2. While I delight in seeing the dem party breaking apart and having troubles of its own, this does not please me. It is merely the usual suspects of the left and their community organizing angers disrupting things. I have no more faith in these Bernie supporters than in the Hillary gang.
    Where has America gone?


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