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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 5-17-16


Good morning, fellow spectators!

I’m just trying to get through this last week and a half of dragging myself and the kids out of bed for the school finale.

Some dunking for your steaming cup-o-Joe:

Skin Flicks and Politics:

Filmmakers at this year’s Canne’s Film Festival are changing the theme of “skin flicks” from sexually based to who’s on the menu as there are more than one cannibal movies being shown to the wine-gulping, expensively-dressed gathering. The liberal/leftist Hollywood elites, as they dab the gourmet food from their full mouthes, have a reason why such fleshy subject fare and zombie themed movies are a huge draw these days: “The rich are eating the poor more and more.” … Uh-huh. Oblivious to their own mirror reflection, as usual.


Speaking of wealthy flesh-eating Hollywood … Since she is no longer the sought after hot ginger leading lady at her age, Susan Sarandon is apparently expanding her filmmaking horisons before the sun sets completely on her career… Sarandon thinking of directing porn … Mmmkay. And Suzie S. is still supporting Bernie Sanders and his socialist economic plans for the U.S., even after … Debt incurred under Bernie Sanders’ wife closes Vermont college. Oh, and Bernie insists the fed bypass Congress and bail out Puerto Rico. Sounds like a great plan for the nation.

New Era of Liberal Mental Illness is Thriving:

Ace @ AoSHQ: “It’s time to add Munchausen Syndrome (Social Justice Warrior type) to the DSM psychiatric manual. This is a fairly major psychological problem now.” His point? Well, the number of people suffering from the mental illness is on the rise: Video: Another hate-crime hoax gets iced; Update: Whole Foods declares vindication, withdraws countersuit … He’s right. The alleged ‘injustice’ disease is made up, and the only infection is those people spreading the lies.

Former pop/rock big guy Daryl Hall takes issue with the “cultural appropriation” of the SJW movement, possibly because, you know, it’s aiming at his music: “shut the fuck up”

Because SCIENCE!!!:


Hunchback-ism is on the rise due to electronic use

Magic mushrooms lifts severe depression in trial

The Oldest Person In the World Attributes Her Long Life to Eating Eggs and Being Single

Going To Church Could Help You Live Longer, Study Says

Bringing Home the Ancient Bacon:


SPECTACULAR’ TROVE – Sunken Roman treasure discovered off Israel

VIDEO: Tomb raiders obliterating human history

VIDEO: Ancient dung solves big mystery

Youngest Egyptian mummified fetus identified in British museum

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by beer…


Go out and make it a great Tuesday, Spectators!!!


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