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Still A Very Strong Case Against Hillary Clinton…

hillary excuses

Monday morning FLASHBACK:

The now late Christopher Hitchens gives way more than enough reason(s) why Hillary Clinton should never be in a seat of power in Washington ever again in his lengthy missive covering hers and Bill Clinton’s track records in a 2008 SLATE piece during that election cycle as she first ran for POTUS.

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The Case Against Hillary Clinton: Why on earth would we choose to put the Clinton family drama at the center of our politics again?

Keep in mind over these last nearly 8 years how much Clinton herself has added to Hitch’s reasons. From the multiple and various scandals while in the State Department, some of which resulted in the deaths of Americans, and the blatant cover-up of her errors concerning that terror attack, to her very deep and twisted email scandal and that cover-up. The Middle East is a bigger mess because of her as she used her seat of power and influence as Secretary of State to garner billions of dollars (in “donations”) from Arab countries for the highly questionable Clinton Foundation in a quid pro quo understanding that she would return the favor once in the White House. All those Muslim countries with horrible human rights and women’s rights violators. And these are just a couple more recent dark issues clouding the Clintons.

Hillary and her now tag-along hubby are a train wreck that just won’t stop smoldering and go away.


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