It Is Not About Where People Can and Can’t Relieve Themselves…

Hell, the leftist NYC government recently lifted a law banning going to the bathroom in the NYC streets. It’s not about bathrooms and locker rooms, people. It is about controlling us at every level and injecting fear if we do not submit.

Alexander Guin @ The American Spectator rightfully points out the obvious agenda here. He uses the recent North Carolina case as a sample of what many states are now facing in trying to deal with this leftist agenda to deconstruct and destroy safety and privacy, and states rights to their own laws and regulations without penalty of blackmail and extortion from the federal government. This latest concocted and contrived issue brings to light the extreme hooks the federal government has stabbed into the states, and Americans in general. And as Breitbart writer Warner Todd Houston points out, these schools will also be pressed into adding transgender awareness and sensitivity classes to the public school systems. Indoctrination, pure and simple, and blatant…

We now find ourselves not in a debate about bathrooms but in one about the relationship between the federal government and the states.

The question is: How far are McCrory and legislators willing to go to stand up for North Carolina’s sovereignty? How hard are they willing to fight in order to maintain control over a state-level question with a state-level answer? Transgender rights are not mentioned even in the “emanations of the penumbra” of the U.S. Constitution and are thus left to the states, the laboratories of democracy, to decide.

The hitch is that North Carolina depends on the federal government for nearly half of its annual budget. The $22 billion sum that the feds are threatening is part of an overall state budget closer to $55 billion. This new threat just brings to the forefront a danger that has always lurked in money Washington sends to the states.

Every dollar North Carolina receives from the federal government comes with strings attached. We’ll leave the cost of compliance aside for the time being, but the policy outcomes of accepting federal grants can be devastating. To pick just one example, in 2009, when North Carolina was flat on its back during the recession, bureaucrats in the NC Department of Public Instruction accepted $400 million in federal Race to the Top Grants. The stipulation for accepting the grants, however, was that North Carolina must implement the Common Core curriculum. The results have been disastrous.

The results of backing down from this fight would also be disastrous. This time, however, the physical safety and emotional comfort of vulnerable people is at stake.

Loretta Lynch has perpetrated an unadulterated abuse of federal power, pure and simple. Now it’s time for North Carolina to stand up and defend our sovereignty and protect women and children.

Wake up, America. The leftist vein of this nation has, over these last 8 years, put use all in chains. We are political prisoners in this country. Right now it’s federal funding being used as a punishment. What next?

And to those die-hard liberals defending this latest forced bullshit from the White House and saying our opposition sounds a lot like that of the 1960’s anti-desegregation people, that’s an even bigger steaming mountain of bullshit being shoved in our way of being heard. Shutting down our free speech by calling it racist.

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