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POTD: Standing At The Foot of God


This past week or two has seen a very busy storm and tornado season in the nation’s midwest. Texas with flooding rains, and now Oklahoma and Kansas picking up on their traditionally busy tornado history.

I saw this photo on my Facebook feed. I was taken by Shelby Goodnight lives in Bethel Acres and is a Pre-K teacher’s assistant at McLoud Elementary School in McLoud, Oklahoma. A few days ago she was hunkered-down in the basement of her home during a severe weather alert when family members got a load of the view over top of them. She captioned:

My view from the cellar. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen!

It is not a funnel cloud/tornado (and had no rotation), but a 20-30 thousand foot updraft cloud. John Welch, chopper pilot on Channel 4, said he had never seen anything like it in all his years of storm chasing. He described it as a huge foot, ankle and leg.

The cloud formation passed without any physical damage … But nerves were jarred, to say the least.

Shelby’s friends and neighbors had snapped a photo of the monstrous storm cloud from their locations (click to enlarge)…



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