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The Mind-Rotting Liberal Utopia in the Nation’s Education System


‘Socialism is the message, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal…’

The always outstanding Thomas Sowell warns about “Dry Rot in Academia”:

… At one time, 50 years ago or earlier, exposing students to a different viewpoint was considered to be a valuable part of their education. But that was before academia — and the education system in general — became virtually a monopoly of the political left.

Today one can literally go from kindergarten to becoming a graduate student seeking a Ph.D., without ever hearing a vision of the world that conflicts with the vision of the left.

Conservative critics who object on grounds that the views of the left are wrong miss the point. Regardless of whose views become a monopoly, education suffers. John Stuart Mill understood this back in the middle of the 19th century.

As a young Marxist in college during the 1950s heyday of the anti-Communist crusade led by Senator Joseph McCarthy, I had more freedom to express my views in class, without fear of retaliation, than conservative students have on many campuses today.

After being invited by conservative students to give talks at various colleges, Jason Riley has then been surprised at how little those conservative students have said during the question and answer periods after these talks. But a Wellesley student explained: “You get to leave when you’re done. We have to live with these people until we graduate.”

Even liberal professors can be adversely affected by the narrow groupthink that prevails. Without an opposition to keep them on their toes, they can develop sloppy habits of dismissing or even demonizing differing viewpoints, instead of practicing and teaching their students how to come to grips with opposing beliefs…

Read the whole thing, please.

And to his last point, over the past year or so liberal professors have had to deal with the weak-minded liberal students they helped create.

Over these last several decades the liberals/left in this country has conditioned and ‘re-educated’ the masses, as Sowell points out, within our schools. They have also used the entertainment media to introduce and indoctrinate. The news media to filter and hide the truth. And it has all been based in making the people “fell”, and not “think”. This is why the liberals/left/democrats always campaign and govern on making the people use their feelings, not their minds to see the facts and figures of truth. They have built a Utopian prison where the people and their easily manipulative emotions have been locked in, and their brains/minds have been locked out. To unlock the mind will be demonized and beaten down.


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