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Serpent-Tongued Hillary Meets The Angry Coal Miner…

These never-held-a-job politicians are hissing fork-tongued vipers when confronted by “working class” Americans they claim to be ‘fighting for’.

But here is one of her dutiful SPOX-bots trying to smooth-out the Hillary wrinkles, and a follow-up of a TV anchor a bit verklempt over the Hillary truth spillage…


Is anybody with two brain cells to rub together for a spark still buying any of this pure steaming bullshit from Clinton, her political machine cogs, and those in the LMSM? Wake the Hell up, America!

The truth is the left really doesn’t give a shit about the “working class/man” and American workers seriously need to wake up to that. And if you happen to be union, just know your union overlords don’t give a morning shit about you either. Why else are they making so much more than you and living in mega-home and driving brand new vehicles and taking their families on posh vacations?

The Green War Against the Working Class


Clinton confronted by laid-off coal worker at West Virginia campaign stop

Laid Off Coal Worker Confronts Hillary Over Her Promise To Eradicate Industry


One comment on “Serpent-Tongued Hillary Meets The Angry Coal Miner…

  1. What a bunch of BS Hillary gives that guy. “We are going to get rid of coal an put it out of business and your will all get jobs as we replace coal with new industries offering cleaner energy alternatives.”
    That’s what she said. She can call it misunderstanding and distorting what she said but that is what she said.
    And the translation is I know what is better for you than you or your family or your city or the country does. And I am going to be your dictator if I am elected and you will take what I do and like it!


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