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The Tangled Web of 21st Century Psychobabble Mentality


Have you noticed in the last nearly 20 years there has been a breakneck pace of diluting and twisting of our words and our thought process … and right and wrong? Does everything seem severely upside down? When you hear the talking-heads on TV do you not know if your ass is coming or going in this new age world?

New video of Harvard race protesters interrupting Law School dean honored for … race relations

Well, here are some points of interest as to why:

Free will could all be an illusion, scientists suggest after study that shows choice could just be the brain tricking itself: Research adds to evidence suggesting ‘even our most seemingly ironclad beliefs about our own agency and conscious experience can be dead wrong’

And this way nobody is ever guilty.
Nobody is ever wrong.
Nobody ever has a ‘choice’.
Nobody is ever subject to personal responsibility.
Nobody is ever obligated to law and order.
Everybody is a victim, and if you are ‘victimized’ it is your own fault.
Put aside this idiocy of individual thought and choice.
Surrender to the collective and resign hive mentality.

Surrender to the Nanny State of overlords telling us what is for our best. Around every corner, every moment, there is danger and bullying…

How Americans Became So Sensitive to Harm: A recently published paper explains how “concept creep” in the field of psychology has reshaped many aspects of modern society.


Instapundit: The left has always been looking to engineer “The New Man” ever since the days of Nietzsche, followed by Hitler and Stalin. But the next phase in evolution may have finally arrived. Behold what a century of “Progressivism” has wrought


What’s Really Driving the Bathroom Wars

AoSHQ: Tin Foil Hats: The Newest Thing In Psychiatry (CBD)

Education or Indoctrination? [Mis. Hum]


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