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The Seven-Year-Itchy Lump of Obama Reality-Stick on America’s Numb-Skull

Today is “Rick Monday” Monday. The 40th anniversary of being fed-up with the bullshit and just taking charge. How appropriate for our current political times. But who will save the U.S. from being burnt to the ground? Is there one who is right now a candidate perfect for the job? Or not…

Glenn Reynold’s latest column on one alleged candidate the RNC might have gone to in drafting a GOP candidate outsider at the Cleveland convention this summer:

As discontent has mounted among Republicans, some have been suggesting that the party could draft an outsider as its nominee at the convention in Cleveland this summer. Some have been calling for famed (retired) Marine General James Mattis to run. Unhappiness with the idea of a Donald Trump nomination has even, according to Tim Mak in the Daily Beast, led a group of wealthy Republican donors to consider drafting Mattis to run as a third-party candidate if Trump gets the nomination.

The idea isn’t that Mattis could win the nomination, but that he might win enough states to throw the election into the House of Representatives, which is what happens if no candidate gets an outright majority of the Electoral College. At that point, under the Constitution, the House gets to pick from the top three candidates. (But it’s not a straight-up House vote — each state gets a single vote in the proceeding.)

This strategy is more a testament to the donors’ ingenuity and to their unhappiness with Trump than a viable approach — especially as Mak noted that Mattis himself has shown no interest in the presidency. Mattis was never a political general, like Colin Powell, but rather a dedicated military professional known as “the warrior monk” among his colleagues for his fighting spirit and intense intellectual interest in the military.

Speaking Friday in Washington, Mattis poured cold water on the idea, saying “No, I haven’t given any thought” to a presidential run. Mattis noted that since being back in the U.S., he finds today’s America, in some ways, a more foreign country than the places he’d served. (Looking at today’s headlines, I can see where he’s coming from.)

But he also noted that the next president will have a lot of problems to deal with, and that the United States is poorly situated to deal with them. Iran, he said, is seeking domination, not peace. Observed Mattis: “(Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) summed it up very well when he said those who say that the future lies in negotiations, not in missiles, are either ignorant or traitors. … That is the Supreme Leader. I think we should take him at his word.”


Well, the General’s not stupid. It will take a huge bit more than strength to get anything positive done in fixing things in the face of the political ugliness that lies ahead, as VDH wrote “The Next President Is Going to Be Hated”. The mess Barack Obama will be leaving is not a simple mop-up from an unpopular, yet won, war or extreme economic suicide from a housing/loan bubble-burst and union-ass-kissing trillions in failed bailouts. We can list all day the examples of these last eight years of this administration’s destroying/dismantling of previous administrations all the way back to George Washington. Obama’s legacy is one of his perceived ‘anti-colonialism’ agenda around the world, and to a degree here at home. You see, as history goes, only America, and Christianity, must apologize for whatever sins committed as determined by Emperor Barack Obama, and even revenge taken in whatever his idea of the word delayed ‘justice’. Never mind the history of the world is that of war, colonialism, winners and losers, and so-on. Never mind the historic roots of African slavery are deeply and solidly planted within black African tribes and Islam. Never mind imperialism and colonialism has never been exclusive to America in our last over 240 years (longer if you do count the British and French colonies). Never mind that the Crusades were started by Muslims who were given centuries to advance before the Christians decided “Fuck it, we’re in” and started fighting back. Never mind Europe, Asia, and every continent went through generation after generation of invasion, conquering, and colonizing, even Africa’s tribes. It’s just the Muslims who need every inch of land returned to them immediately, even though they were typically the ones who started all the shit over the ages.

I have spent the last nearly 8 years refusing to use the title of the office before Obama’s name because he has never acted according to his oath of office he took 3 times. He has insisted on being some pseudo social justice warrior superhero for the world, blaming everything on the West, hence “whites”. He is ending his terms in office the same way he began more than seven years ago … an apology tour here and there while on the hard-work American taxpayers’ money. He will leave this nation’s society in a racially and sexually and culturally confused state of total chaos and screwed-pooch, targeting and demonizing law enforcement and everything from religion to doctors. He has completely transformed the nation’s media into blithering twat-waffles who are now making words/terminology as “fluid” as they’ve made sexuality/gender and are using it to keep us as political prisoners afraid to speak our own minds, let alone speak up when we know something is wrong and unjust. “Free speech” is now only for the chosen who share the hive mentality of “Progressive” bullshit fascism. You see, ethics and the laws are fluid as well. Obama has had an endless supply of ‘pens’ and ‘phones’, and has used the US Constitution to house train his damn dogs. He entered his regime in office with a nation trying to deal with its war wounds but still centered and strong, and will be leaving office with the nation a massive rubble of a 21st century Tower of Babel after his insane despotic policies and pathetically petty politicizing. So, while I am confident a man such as Gen. Mattis is more than strong and capable of grabbing this mess and trying to start repairs, who can blame the man for knowing that with the political vindictiveness of the liberals/democrats/left/MSM it would be at least 4 years of that scene from “Galipoli”

Or the “Saving Private Ryan” D-Day beach scene…

And even “World War Z” with the country’s rabid political zombies in Washington and the MSM…

It is what it is. The prospect of “the first black president’ to supposedly “prove America is over its slavery/racist past history” That he would be this great and grand uniter and do away with color/race/politics/religion and whatever else allegedly divided us and made us a deadly virus for the world before he swooped in to save us from ourselves. Yes, we were told this by even giddy, starry-eyed conservative writers/historians who were so blurry/teary-eyed shitheads thankful they were still alive to see and be a part of it all … but are now more than a bit head-thumped with the seven-year-itchy lump of reality of what they so pined for…

Richard Fernandez @ PJM:

Michael Walsh asks in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: how might people react if the land promised by modern cultural Pied Pipers turned out to be a hell?  How if after accepting abortion, the loss of individuality, the destruction of tradition and a near utter reliance on the state the end point was not utopia butdystopia?  Worse what if those two places are actually the same thing?

After more than seven years of “hope and change” not just the US but the world seems to have arrived at a strange and unexpected destination.  Peggy Noonan, who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, asks her readers if they’ve looked around lately and noticed how strange the scenery is.

Have you had your 2016 Moment? I think you probably have, or will. … My Moment came a month ago. I’d recently told a friend my emotions felt too close to the surface—for months history had been going through me and I felt like a vibrating fork. …Because my country is in trouble. Because I felt anguish at all the estrangements. Because some things that shouldn’t have changed have changed. Because too much is being lost. Because the great choice in a nation of 320 million may come down to Crazy Man versus Criminal. And yes, I know this is all personal, and not column-ish.

But that was my Moment.

You’ll feel better the next day, I promise, but you won’t be able to tell yourself that this is history as usual anymore. This is big, what we’re living through.

The man on the street may have experienced the “moment” before Noonan. TheNew York Times reports that “suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years … The rate rose by 2 percent a year starting in 2006, double the annual rise in the earlier period of the study. … The rate declined for just one racial group: black men. And it declined for only one age group: men and women over 75.” “The data analysis provided fresh evidence of suffering among white Americans,” said the NYT, which went on to describe the “moment” when a generation of working Americans realized the future they signed up for was not what it was cracked up to be…

Yeah, Ed Driscoll has more to say on this as well.


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