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VOTD: The PC SJWs Guilty of “Culturally Appropriating” the English Language

I have been saying these last few years of the heavy-handed-push of the left hijacking the language and defining use/meaning, and now this, is this human era’s “Tower of Babel”, and we all know how that ended…

More @ The Daily Wire: The Guardian Says Correcting Grammar Is Racist; Expression Of White Privilege


You’re the Parent. Start Acting Like One

Sorry, but kids really don’t have ‘equal rights’ in the family frame. While a parent can ask their opinion and include them in compromising it is as I used to say to my kids “Not a democracy, but a dictatorship, and a ‘benevolent’ one if you understand and abide by it”. The liberal BS that started back in the 1960s persuading and even shaming parents into becoming the clay by which their kids were to shape them and the family structure, has been a house built on just that … clay feet, and we are seeing it in the last two generations.


#BlackLivesMatter Student Behind Racism Hoax Gets Jail Time


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