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Deception and Deflection: The Western Left Throws ‘Feminism’ Under the “Refugee” Bus

Mark Steyn is absolutely brilliant, as is Nigel Farage who makes his own rebuttal to the two liberals in the extended video versions of this debate.

“Newborn feminists” (the left always believes they own the language) are obsessed with ‘sex’ and it’s why they are leading the charge against this cultural invasion by “migrants”?

Conservatives have always been the true ‘feminists’. We have pointed out the anti-woman leanings of the pop culture that sees girls and women as so much entertainment and publicity fodder for low-end cultural morals. And while we disagree with the objectification and sexualizing of females in our society we have never viewed women/females as less than any other person in our society. As a matter of fact, our anti-abortion stance is based in the belief that women are actually superior in their ability to have life created and nurtured in their wombs.

However, today’s liberal/leftist “feminists” are showing their true colors. It has never really been about the individual rights of women, but the ‘collective’ political power in harnessing this idea that only leftists/liberals are capable of defending women. Bullshit on so many levels. In these last nearly 16 years of our military involvement in Islamic based countries our military has seen and has tried very hard to bring rights and equality to females (AND young boys) in these backwater cultures that beat and rape and execute them at will for even the slightest imagined insult against their cultural religion.

But now we see the left actually chuckling and shrugging-off the dark ages of this culture being invited into their own socially modern societies where the women have now become acceptable ‘collateral damages’ in the name of ‘tolerance’ and political correctness. More bullshit. And as is stated, these Western government officials are diluting the rights of their own females by insisting they abide by the invaders’ cultural demands, and these attacks are somehow their own fault.

I recall when I was young watching TV shows where during a rape trial a woman’s attire (sultry or not, or even naked) or individual freedom to come and go whenever and wherever she pleased was defined as NOT reason for the defense to excuse the rapist’s crime against her. And now today’s liberal/left feminists shrug it off and, as is stated near the end, have basically sold out women in favor of appeasing these extremely antiquated cultures invading their countries. And make no mistakes, in all this huffy-puffy current LGBTXYZ activism and liberal outrage forcing wedding cake baking and hosting, and mixed bathroom attendance YOU’RE NEXT on this radical Islamic invasion’s radar. Yet, you refuse to see they have no intentions of assimilating to your modern society norms, and you have no intentions of expecting or insisting they do so. You are openly willing to throw your own into the fires as long as your own wretched, fascist, hypocritical and dictatorial ideology presumably survives.

There will come a reckoning, lefties…

Steyn’s closing statement on this current ‘migration’ invasion into the West is stunning. Listen to what he says about the ‘American poem’ nailed to the base of the Statue of Liberty. I totally agree…


2/3rds Of British Muslims Wouldn’t Tell Government About A Terror Plot

Two Recently Arrived Muslim Immigrant Boys Attempt Murder of a 9-Year-old Canadian Schoolgirl by ‘..Choking Her With Chains..’

WOW! Just WOW! Follow the embedded links at the blog to the full original story printed by The Chronicle Herald News, AND especially the link to their retraction, and downright fucking apology, for having printed it: “School bullying story needed more work” … and tidbits like this: “Our story was incomplete and insufficiently corroborated, given the serious nature of the allegations.” … And this was said after they extended the list of parental complaints of this school bullying by ‘immigrants’ at the school. And this: “Readers also rightly pointed out that the headline ‘Parents worried over school kids’ brutality’ was unfortunate. Using the word brutality to describe children, particularly of an identifiable cultural group, is problematic.”

Get the fuck off this planet. Just go.

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