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Narcissistic Sociopath: NOW President Wants a “Repeal of the First Amendment in Order to Empower the Government…”

See? Typical left/liberal knee-jerk to their own teeth … Always use ‘free speech’ as a weapon/political fodder when supposedly defending ‘free speech’ and ‘rights’.

Introduced as “feminist attorney” and “activist for social justice” fighting for “racial and economic equality,” O’Neill pushed neo-Marxist narratives of “intersectionality” with respect to hierarchies of oppression of groups designated as composing the neo-proletariat. NOW’s website repeatedly references “intersectionality” in order to highlight disparities – real or imagined – between varying groups composed mostly of women, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, class, and “gender identity.”

“NOW’s purpose is take action through intersectional grassroots organizing to lead societal change and build a feminist future,” said O’Neill. “When we work for gender justice, we will not be color-blind. We will ask the question, any kind of policy we’re looking at, how does that impact my sisters of color? How does that impact my LGBTQ sisters? How does that impact transgender women of color?”

Calling for a repeal of the First Amendment in order to empower the government to regulate political speech and expression, O’Neill demanded an overturning of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. FEC ruling. Senate Democratsunanimously voted in favor of repealing the First Amendment in September of 2014.

Without any sense of irony, O’Neill blasted “money in politics” as if her career was not within the industry of political agitation, and as if NOW is not a star in a broader constellation of left-wing “women’s issues” lobby groups that enjoy sympathetic coverage from many of the largest media outlets.

Commie twat…

Don’t believe our free speech rights are being targeted by the leftist overlords’ minions in these pockets of squabbles we are seeing on issues, college campuses, and even safety in bathrooms? Have a look at this…

Here is some of the bullshit infecting our nation’s right to discourse by dictating our language and our opposing views/opinions:

Pretty sure ‘blacks’ want their children to be safe in school. It’s not just some ‘white’ thing. It is seriously racist to have such a myopic view on this issue. Much of the worst ‘racism’ going on in this nation today is being said/done by the left/liberals…

You’re now a racist if you say schools need to be safer

Abuse of power is a mega-weapon in a government takeover of the citizens’ rights. Even Obama’s own people have admired and nodded in agreement to that tactic used by Mao when taking over China…

Liberal AGs Have Begun a War Against the First Amendment

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit’s latest hit-back column: Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime

And the more levelheaded on our college campuses are finally jumping into action before it’s far too late…

Letter from University of Memphis Law Students Requesting Handbook Reform

Law students in the Federalist Society Student Chapter at the University of Memphis have asked that the university reform its policies to preserve free speech.

One comment on “Narcissistic Sociopath: NOW President Wants a “Repeal of the First Amendment in Order to Empower the Government…”

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