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NOAA Cooking the “Climate Change” Data Again … Because “Science”!


As the Mid-Atlantic East Coast braces for the winter’s first big storm, the climate change cartel is at it again with the numbers-fudging in order to claim 2015 was the warmest ever

… They mean it so much that they want you to ignore their own satellite data, which shows that while 2015 was warm, it was not as warm as 2010 or 1998.

Going with the satellite data means that 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, … 2015 were cooler than 1998. Sure, 1998 was in the middle of a blockbuster El Niño, but the data trend does not look like the warming projected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2001.

While there is certainly a difference between the satellite data and surface data for temperature, this really doesn’t matter, because neither dataset supports the hysterical projections of the catastrophic warming crowd.

There is not a single thermometer that measures average annual world temperature. NASA’s warmest-year dataset takes measurements from thousands of sites around the world. However, these sites do not provide comprehensive coverage of surface temperatures, nor are the sites immune to contamination from land use changes—all of which add noise and uncertainty to the world temperature measurement.

Even the weather stations in the U.S., which probably has the best set of any country, have serious problems with data quality.

The keepers of this data employ a set of adjustments to address the many problems with it. However, such adjustments can induce biases into the data. One investigator found that even the very best data stations (which should need the least adjustment) showed an upward bias in the temperature trend after adjustment.

Even if the adjustments and the surface temperature data are spot-on, it doesn’t matter that much—none of the major data sets shows the accelerating warming of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections.

They do not even show a constant warming. They show a significant moderation of the warming trend over the past two decades. Depending on the endpoints chosen, recent warming has been modest or even negative (slight cooling). […]

Ace @ AoSHQ says what some of us say every time these non-scientific political hacks make such claims…

Are the Global Warmistas Simply Juicing Up the Latest Years’ Temperatures With “Adjustments” While Reducing the Temperatures of Previous Years, To Always Make the Current Year “The Hottest”?

Sure seems that way — and people have noticed this tendency in their ever-changing adjustments to the temperature record.

But now they may have gone too far — in order to declare 2015 the “hottest on record,” they apparently had to revise and “adjust” the previously declared all-time “hottest on record,” 1997.


And this would then reveal a lot of about their practices, where the “adjustments” made to the numbers change so much depending on current political messaging needs, and where all the warming comes from the “adjustments,” and not the actual temperature records themselves.


NOAA Butchers Math in Report Claiming 2015 Was Hottest Year Ever

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