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Trojan Horse: Refugees Not So Desperate?


I was struck over the weekend by a couple of things with this mass ‘migration’ of Syrian refugees to the northern EU countries.

First, a lot of the photographs and video … A LOT … are completely male, and of the profile age of a would-be terrorist. They are dressed in fairly good Western clothing, puff on cigarettes, and take selfies with their cell phones…

selfie refugees

Last week I took a stand that these are ‘refugees’ and not ‘migrants’, as the MSM is calling them. While I still believe some are fleeing their countries out of fear of ISIS, I have since that post seen a lot of hints/clues that is it much more than that. While ‘migrant’ is still a misplaced term in this situation, we really have to have the intestinal fortitude to suggest this, on a certain level, is an invasion. Hell, many of us call the unchecked illegal alien waves across our Southwestern border an invasion, and many of those are seeking a better life … while some are more of a nefarious purpose. It is becoming more and more obvious what is happening in Europe is a Muslim hijrah with an agenda not good for Europe.

They look very strong and healthy, and able to go back to their own country and fight ISIS. Question is, exactly who are these group selfies being sent to? The next question is are these ‘refugees’ being vetted by the European governments to check for any that might be on terror watch lists? Some countries are suggesting that they will take in women and children, but the males must go home. The report is almost all the refugees are Muslim, and no Christians. Even the story that caught the world in shock and horror of the drowned little Syrian toddler is falling apart


And you’ve probably seen this picture of a Syrian child who drowned with his mother and sibling while trying to make it to Greece.

It’s sad but remember that the proximate cause of his death was his parents’ deliberate choice to take him on a sea journey in a flimsy boat. Their bad choices killed him – not Europe. And also pretty much everything you’ve heard about this story from the father is bullshit. They had a safe life in Turkey but decided that they really wanted to live better in Germany or Canada.


Next, this onslaught of thousands of humans has put an already economically stressed EU in a bad position. The refugees are being put into cordoned-off, makeshift camps with next to nothing provided until they can be housed or transported to their desired destination Germany. Here are a couple of videos of the Hungarian authorities trying to had refugees much-needed food and water. Observe just how hungry/thirsty and thankful these refugees are for the gracious gesture of sustenance…

Meanwhile, as citizens of the various ‘sanctuary’ European countries reach out their arms and claim they want the refugees accepted and taken into these countries, not one Arab Gulf country is taking in any. And as has been pointed out over the decades of these European nations taking in Muslim immigrants, they are not held to any assimilation whatsoever. Instead, the indigenous population/citizen(s) are put-upon to abandon their sovereign rights, freedoms, culture and abide by the Muslim culture:

German Girls Must Cover Arms and Legs to Appease Syrian “Refugees”

While the Western MSM is presenting this refugee story as a guilt trip for the West they are not presenting these aspects of it. Nor do they ever cover the negative climate of EU neighborhoods that have had to live side-by-side with this culture:

“Whose streets? Our streets!” UK Muslims riot in Rotherham, where rape gangs ran wild


Is the West Dead Yet?

Europe’s Phony Compassion for Refugees

Hungarian bishop says pope is wrong about refugees: “They’re not refugees. This is an invasion”

The Syrian crisis and Obama’s post-American presidency

Hundreds of Muslim Refugees convert to Christianity in German church

isis horse


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