FUBAR: Harry Reid Calls the Unemployed and Under-Employed “Free Agents”

Little by little it is seeping out like pus from a diseased wound. A week ago we witnessed Barack Obama announce to the joint sesson of Congress that he no longer needed them … and half the room stood and wildly applauded, one even heard shouting “DO IT!” to his threat to use hios executive orders pen to completely bypass Congress to make and change law in this republic.

Today at the daily presser White House Press Sec. Jay Carney announced to the gathered reporters that freedom is just a buzzword.

Believe me, THIS is the message of the Obama administration and the democrats going forward. You have too much freedom, and you work too hard. Give us your freedom and the representative republic and we will give you what we think you need. Come November’s mid-term elections I say we make a whole hell of a lot of damn democrats “free agents”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said the Congressional Budget Office report that shows Obamacare will make the labor force lose 2.3 million full-time workers by 2021 is positive because it lets Americans be “free agents.”

“We have the CBO report, which rightfully says, that people shouldn’t have job lock. If they — we live in a country where there should be free agency. People can do what they want,” Reid told reporters outside of a policy luncheon. “And what they’re saying here is — and the fact checkers have already done this — the Republicans talk about losing millions of jobs simply isn’t true. It allows people to get out of a job they’re locked into, because of — they have healthcare in their job.”

“So my caucus is right on track to understand this. The CBO report is far better for us than it’s not. Republicans should get away from repeal and start talking about some constructive ways to handle the issues that they’re concerned about,” he added.

Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, told CNN that the CBO report was pro-family values — after host Wolf Blitzer called the report “very, very disturbing.”

“What this report said should not suggest this is going to cost jobs. What this report said is a rather obvious point, which is that as people have greater access to healthcare, there is going to be some two-parent families where someone says I’m going to work a little less because we can get healthcare and I’m going spend time raising my children. There is going to be somebody out there who because they can afford healthcare has wanted to retire and may retire earlier. This is about giving Americans more choices,” Sperling said.

“And on the overall impact on what it’s going to mean for jobs, well, I think that’s an incomplete number, because we know that with lower healthcare costs, we’re going to have more productivity, some experts predicting hundreds of thousands of more jobs due to that,” he added.

“Do you accept that number, 2.3 million workers, fewer workers than would have been the case by 2021 because of the Affordable Care Act? That’s in the report,” Blitzer pressed, waving a copy of the document.

“I don’t accept that portrayal. Because that’s implying this is costing jobs, as opposed to just giving more Americans the option,” Sperling replied.

“These people who are working more than they want to simply for healthcare, some of them will have the option of working a little less. And in terms of what the overall impact on jobs will be, I think you’re going to — you have to look at what the impact on productivity is, because people are healthier, working harder, having less sick days. You have to look at, what is the productivity benefits of having lower healthcare costs in our economy. I believe very strongly, and I think it should be very clear, the Affordable Care Act is good for growth, good for job growth, good for deficit reduction. And these numbers should not be misinterpreted to suggest somehow this is costing jobs.”

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And what the fuck happened to Michelle Obama’s warning in 2008 that “Barack will require you to work!”?????


White House Apparently Thinks 2.5 Million Leaving Workforce Due to Obamacare Is ‘Good’

HotAir’s Allahpundit said it best:

White House: When you think about it, 2.5 million fewer people working because of ObamaCare is good news

I’m done, guys. If we’ve reached the stage of welfare-state decadence where it’s a selling point for a new entitlement that it discourages able-bodied people from working, there’s no reason to keep going. We’ve lost, decisively.

As a great man once said, remember me as I am — filled with murderous rage…

DrewM @ AoSHQ:

Liberal spin…ObamaCare won’t kill jobs, it will just enable people to quit their jobs. So you get to pay more for insurance so that your neighbor can quit his job. Welcome to Obama’s America…spread that wealth around.

Issa: The CBO is finding out what’s in it, but there are still “surprises yet to come” from ObamaCare

But remember, Nancy Pelosi said this:


2 comments on “FUBAR: Harry Reid Calls the Unemployed and Under-Employed “Free Agents”

  1. […] MSM? REALLY???!!?? You are trying to condition and re-educate the masses into thinking this way? You and the nucking-futs democrats are trying to convince the American people it is great to be unemployed and suck off the American […]


  2. This video is so telling. Obama looks like he is falling asleep or is struggling to stay awake. Sebelius knows this is all a crock and she keeps a straight face, no smile of agreement for the validation of her work. Biden tries to look fascinated but only looks like a stooge and Reid sits there impassive. Pelosi encourages us to feel enthusiastic because the great Obama is doing such wonders for the American people, but all those at the table know better and not one is able to muster even an imitation of a smile of triumph or even enjoyment of her praise of the legislation.


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