Marco, we hardly knew ye

On more than one occasion I’ve written about my complete and utter disillusionment with the Republican Party. Once upon a time the political party for (real) conservatives and lovers of liberty, it has become, in great measure, an entrenched club of whiny, spineless malcontents who care more for their party than for their country.

In other words, they are becoming more and more like Democrats.

I have seen this evolution over many years, starting right after the end of Ronald Reagan’s second term, through Bush 41, the end of the conservative Contract for America years, through Bush 43, and now, in its fifth year, the nightmare we are currently living through.

One of the hot issues making the rounds today has bedeviled conservatives for decades: immigration reform. Or, more correctly stated, attempting to fix the unfixable 1965 Kennedy-Johnson immigration laws, with more and more band-aids that do absolutely nothing to solve the extremely serious underlying issues of national sovereignty, border security, and entitlements to illegals. I shared my simple and workable solution last week in a private email thread with writers from BabaluBlog.com, presented here without the piquant obscenities and vulgarities that preceded the word “Democrats”:

Secure the border, first.

Eliminate ALL benefits to illegals, second.

After the inflow of ILLEGAL aliens slows to a trickle, then we put everything on the table and talk.

Before that, NOT ONE CONCESSION to the Democrats who stand to gain the most from so-called “reform.”

The Democrats, you see, don’t give a shit about immigration, about minorities, about Mexicans, or Bangladeshis, or Cubans. What they care about is raw votes. Votes for Democrats and only for Democrats. They’re already experts at cheating and committing voter fraud on a massive scale. For the Democrats “immigration reform” is just a cheap and easy way to get millions upon millions of new Democrat voters, bought and paid for with “a path to citizenship” and delicious free entitlements (paid for by the American taxpayer) that are thrown into the political stew along with promises they know they’ll never keep. They laugh at how stupid and gullible the American people are.

So once again, like a broken record, we have to “fix” immigration. Into the latest immigration charlie foxtrot, and driven in great measure by Republicans’ fear that they are perceived as mean and cruel and nasty to the “brown people,” comes Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Together with Senators John McCain (RINO-AZ), Lindsay Graham (RINO-SC), Jeff Flake (RINO-AZ), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Michael Bennet (D-CO) — the so called “gang of eight” — they have come up with an 844-page monstrosity of a bill that has caused quite a kerfuffle among conservatives. A kerfuffle, I might add, that was inadvertantly manufactured by Marco Rubio himself by virtue of his alliance with the RINOs and progressives co-sponsoring the bill in the Senate. He has fallen into the same trap Reagan fell into back in 1986:

As the old saying goes, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

In 1986, acting on the recommendation of a bipartisan task force, President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act. With good intentions, the law originally granted amnesty for those who paid a fine, took a citizenship test, learned English, and avoided criminal convictions. However, the Reagan Administration quickly learned that forged documents led to application numbers which far exceeded projections, and illegal immigration quickly returned to high levels. Now, 27 years later, it appears that the Senate’s “Gang of 8” is determined to repeat history.

One of the biggest shams of the Gang of 8’s bill is the claim that before amnesty is granted, back taxes must be paid. Interestingly, before the bill was printed, the term “back taxes” was removed from it, and does not address federal payroll taxes or state taxes. Instead the bill requires illegal immigrants to pay only for taxes the IRS already has assessed they owe at the time they apply for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status. Therefore, for those filing taxes with the federal government under false Social Security numbers or working off the books, the IRS would report no taxes are due. The bill doesn’t even require applicants to submit tax-specific information such as wages earned or employment history. As Gang of 8-member Arizona Senator Jeff Flake told Politico, “We’ll leave [the back-taxes question] up to the IRS to figure how we do it.” Is that statement supposed to be comforting to conservatives? […]

In National Review, the estimable Stanley Kurtz tackles the assimilation question:

Granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants at a time when our patriotic assimilation system is broken makes no sense. With this criticism of Schumer-Rubio gaining ground, advocates of amnesty have adopted a new strategy: Praise the bill as a fount of assimilation. Today’s Christian Science Monitor features an article that claims even critics of Schumer-Rubio are pleased with its provisions for the integration and assimilation of immigrants. Bad timing, since John Fonte has a piece today here at NRO that tells the truth about Schumer-Rubio’s assimilation provisions.

Schumer-Rubio almost quadruples federal funding for immigrant-integration programs, while also setting up a bureaucratic apparatus designed to channel tens of millions more in corporate funding into public-private partnerships designed to support such assimilation. Sounds good. But in practice this will channel tens of millions of dollars into the coffers of “non-profit groups,” many of them Alinsky-style community organizations that focus on recruiting and politicizing immigrants. As Fonte explains today on NRO, that’s exactly where money for immigrant integration already goes in many states. This bill will add a huge federal bonanza on top of that, to be overseen by Obama-appointed bureaucrats who will no doubt do everything in their power to channel those dollars into the hands of left-leaning community organizers. […]

Mickey Kaus in The Daily Caller explains how Marco — Kaus pejoratively calls him the “Ambassador of Amnesty” — is trying to avoid ingesting the excrement sandwich he and his seven lib/RINO buddies, have made:

After failing to con conservatives into thinking the “Gang of 8” bill had “tough multiple enforcement triggers,” Sen. Marco Rubio is vowing to support changes in the legislation he allegedly negotiated and repeatedly defended. (“Sen. Rubio Says Immigration Bill Needs Stronger Border Provisions to Pass Senate.”) This is not a sign Rubio has had success in his role as Ambassador of Amnesty. […]

And so forth.

Traditional conservatives and Tea Partiers have a very, very negative opinion about this bill. We’ve been here before, you see, and this time we’re not being fooled by the batting eyelashes of the RINOs, and the empty promises and sophistry of the Democrats. Because, as we all know too well, everything liberals and “progressives” touch turns to shit.

I made a promise long ago to speak truth about conservatives who have strayed from the conservative philosophy we so dearly need in this country. I’m sad to report that we may have lost Marco Rubio to the dark side of Washington politics. He has strayed from the path just by making a deal with these people. I criticized Bush 43 when he made the deal with Ted Kennedy and it has turned out to be an entitlement disaster. (Not to mention that Bush didn’t earn a single brownie point for making a deal with the “lion of the Senate,” and is still hated and reviled and blamed for everything.)

This immigration endeavor will not end differently, despite his best intentions. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity defined. By allying himself with the likes of Schumer and Durbin (two of the worst socialists in the Senate), and McCain and Graham (the two worst RINOs), in what is probably the second most divisive issue in America — another in along list of “third rail of politics” issue — he has guaranteed that he will no longer be looked upon as the conservative hope of the Republican Party.

In September 2009, after meeting Marco at a fund-raiser, I wrote about how impressed I was with him. (I’ve since deleted the essay.) He was full of conviction with a fighting spirit and desire to bring conservatism to forefront of our politics. Today’s Marco Rubio, however, is not the Marco I campaigned for and voted for in 2010. The Marco I voted for would never have voted for the NDAA; he would have made a holy stink of it. The Marco I voted for would have politely declined the offer from the liberals and “progressives,” and allied himself with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and other sincere like-minded conservative/libertarians in the Senate to find real-world, common-sense conservative solutions to this problem.

When one of your mentors, Jim DeMint — former Senator and now head of what is arguably the best conservative think-tank in the nation, The Heritage Foundationturns against you, you know you’re in trouble.

Perception is reality, Marco. In a few short years, you have gone from this…


To this…


It’s very sad indeed.


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5 comments on “Marco, we hardly knew ye

  1. […] who thought they had high office hopes for the eloquant Cuban-American politician. Many warned Rubio the Gang of Eight’s plan(s) were democrat-driven, and they would just be con… And now he is walking away from […]


  2. […] Here’s what I wrote a little over five months ago about the execrable Immigration bill popularly known as Schumer-Rubio: […]


  3. […] I knew how bad this bill was almost four months ago. I knew that any “conservative” supporting it was going to have one hell of a bad time trying to explain themselves. All this heckling and discontent was was bound to happen, sooner or later: Conservatives are pretty pissed off (and thoroughly disappointed) over Marco Rubio’s co-sponsorship — and enthusiastic promotion — of a terrible immigration bill. […]


  4. I agree with this essay. What is most irritating is when the left makes a budget deal that promises cuts in spending if you give them some tax hikes, the tax hikes for Americans go into effect immediately and the spending cuts never materialize. But when it comes to illegals, then suddenly it’s okay to lose one’s memory of having promised tax costs to illegals and if they are not paid, well, that’s okay; it’s humane. Compassion for illegals but not for citizens. Ugh.

    I have only two small gripes:

    I share the rage and disappointment for the Republican party in general expressed here. But I would have like some kudos for those Tea Party, Club for Growth Republicans who are struggling to change the party and bring it home. I would have liked a suggestion that we vote for more of them.

    The other gripe is that I completely agree that Rubio and the gang of eight should never have been a party to this terrible bill, but I am not ready to discount the good things he has done in the past and is doing now.


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